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EarthTimesに掲載されたカナダトロントの英語学校Chelsea Language Academyのプレスリリースは、「こういうプログラムもあるよね」と納得出来るものでした。Chelsea Language Academyは、元々1993年、東京で開校したそうです。

Beautiful Models Help ESL Students to Understand English Better, Claims Principal of Toronto English School Chelsea Language Academy

Chelsea Language Academy
Chelsea Language Academy

Chelsea Language Academyが提供するのは、綺麗な女優さんが英語を教えるというプログラムです。校長先生のRobbie McMullan氏のコメントに賛同する方は、この学校のサイトをご覧下さい。

“To really learn a language you need more than just knowledge of grammar and vocabulary; firstly, you need to develop conversational skill by way of actual discussion. The fact is, I have found gorgeous actresses to be a great English conversation starter among my ESL students at Chelsea."
“the guys all start talking about how hot she is and then the girls seem to get a bit jealous, so they feel they have to speak up and defend their own pride. The girls often put the star down. But I inject a bit of controversy by introducing some quotes from her that show her as a confident speaker, something female ESL students, sadly, too often aren't.”